Reservation Haus Barbara in Bacharach on the Rhine

North view of Haus Barbara
North view of “Haus Barbara”


Haus Barbara
Birgit Deifuss

Pfaffenstraße 23
55422 Bacharach-Henschhausen on the Rhine

Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)1 73 / 7 87 70 38

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Twenty-eighth Corona Control Ordinance Rhineland-Palatinate (28th CoBeLVO) of 23rd November 2021

  1. § 8 Hotel industry, accomodation facilities
    1. Holiday apartments are open without obligation to test in compliance with the protective measures:
      • A hygiene concept is provided
    2. There is a reservation or registration obligation. The obligation of contact registration according to § 1 paragraph 8 applies to the contact data of all guests. The obligation to keep records in accordance with § 30 (4) of the Federal Registration Act remains unaffected.
    3. In all publicly accessible areas of the facility, the distance requirement pursuant to § 1 (2) and the mask requirement pursuant to § 1 (3) shall apply. The operator of the facility must prevent the accumulation of people in areas of the facility that are accessible to the public or reserved for guests and used by a number of people by controlling access-->.
  2. § 1
    1. Distance requirement – When staying in public spaces, a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other persons must be maintained. This also applies if a mouth-nose cover is worn.
      The distance requirement and the obligation to wear masks do not apply
      • to contacts where people have to come together at short notice, such as the use of local public transport.
    2. Mask requirement – Insofar as a mask requirement is imposed in this regulation, mouth-nose protection (medical or FFP2) must be worn in enclosed spaces.
      The distance and mask requirement do not apply
      1. to children up to the age of six,
      2. to persons for whom this is not possible or unreasonable due to a disability or for health reasons; this must be proven by a medical certificate,
      3. insofar and for as long as it is necessary for communication with persons with a hearing or visual disability, or for identification purposes.
    3. Contact registration – Contact traceability must be ensured if this is expressly stipulated in this regulation. In this case, contact details (last name, first name, address, telephone number) are to be collected by the operator of a facility in compliance with data protection regulations and kept for a period of one month; After the retention period has expired, the data must be deleted immediately. Data retention obligations arising from other legal provisions remain unaffected.
      The competent public health authority may, insofar as this is necessary to fulfil its duties under the provisions of the IfSG and this Regulation, demand information about the contact details; the data must be transmitted without delay. Processing of the data for other purposes is not permitted. Data transmitted to the competent public health authority must be irreversibly deleted by the latter without delay as soon as the data are no longer required for the fulfilment of the tasks.
  3. § 2
    1. Staying in the public space is only allowed:
      1. With not more than 25 persons of different households, excluding children of the respective households up to 14 years of age and vaccinated or convalescent persons when determining the number of persons

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*According to disposibility
**Up to twelve years