Rates of the Holiday Flat in Bacharach on the Rhine

South view of Haus Barbara
South view of “Haus Barbara”

Prices of the Apartment for 2024

Prices holiday apartment per night per week
For two persons 55 350
Garage 10 70

A single occupancy is available on request.

Bed-linen / Towels

Bed-linen is included after a stay of five days. For a shorter stay the charge for bed-linen amount to € 10,00. In the case of bringing your own bed-linen, the dimensions for linen are 100 x 200 cm.


Well-behaved children are always welcome.


Pets (dogs / cats) are allowed on request.

Cleaning Charge

The cleaning fee is included, provided that the degree of pollution is in the ballpark, what means, no windows smudged with toothpaste or perhaps chewing gum on the floor …
This experience I don't must have!


The garage is situated at the house and can be booked for an amount of € 10,– per diem.

All prices in Euro and tax-free.